Image of Fantaji Deluxe Deck
  • Image of Fantaji Deluxe Deck
  • Image of Fantaji Deluxe Deck

Fantaji Deluxe Deck

by Fantaji


The Deluxe Deck contains 50 Tiles designed to make any Fantaji campaign run more quickly, especially those early sessions spent bringing a new party together. Each of these 3.25" X 2.125" Tiles is re-usable with dry-erase markers, and they come in a stylish collector's box.

Included in the 50-Tile Deluxe Deck:

- 17 Enemy Obstacles suitable in a range of campaigns ("Archaic Ape," "Painted Assassin," "Barbarian Warrior," etc.)

- 7 Broad Abstract Obstacles ("Broken Machine," "Protect The Innocent," etc.)

- 6 Assets ("Lightning Lance," "Alchemist's Claw," "Undead," etc.)

- 8 Common Conditions ("Tight Quarters," "Raging Fire," etc.)

- 12 Themes great for bringing a new party together ("In For The Long Haul," "Tempest in a Teacup," "Taking Care of Business," etc.)

The Deluxe Deck was printed for our Kickstarter campaign, and only a handful of extras arrived. Grab yours before they are gone!

+ For international gamers, send us an email through our contact
page, and we can likely sort out a cheaper shipping option.

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